Engage people

with your Brand

Oodlz is an ultra creative, lean AR solution provider with robust technical capabilities. Oodlz line of products aims to scale various business needs in a rapidly changing market.


We believe AR should be more than placing visuals on a camera feed. Utilizing unique AR game mechanics and our creative approach, we push the limits of immersive AR experiences to a whole new level.

Making sales a part of the game.

By changing the relationship between ads & customers to brands & people, oodlz brings your brand to life and therefore achieves meaningful brand-awareness & an effective call to action.

On oodlz users engage in memorable real life experiences which they can share in a fun & social way.
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what’s the value of an experience.

Gamify the advertising market. On the oodlz platform you
get to meet brands, play with them and win prizes that can be redeemed in the real world.

Creative Content

Exceptional AR experiences that engage people with brands in exciting new ways

Oodlz Mechanics

Physical interaction on mobile devices, with no additional hardware.

Direct Messaging

Record a message in 3d animation and share it in AR with others.

Data Analytics

Explore what your people love. Know when & where they want to have it.


Give your customers an experience and make your sales part of the game.


The AR experiences of the future, today. We push the limits of what can be achieved in AR.

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